Our Service Sectors

Consumer Goods Service Sector

QSS offers a range of services across 2 broad categories of Consumer Goods namely,

  • Consumer Non Durables – Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Soft Goods

Our Consumer Non Durables team has the expertise to provide quality and quantity services for Edible Items (perishable items such as frozen fruits & vegetables, meat, sea food & processed food items) and Water.

Engineering Service Sector

Our Engineering Division Services cover all types of inspection activities in various sectors namely General Engineering Industry, Telecom Industry, Foundries, Power & Energy Sector, Electrical and Electronic Industries, Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Cement Industry, Automobile Industry, Material Handling equipments, Oil & Gas Sector, etc.

Some of the specific services are listed below:
  • Pre-qualification / Pre-award survey.
  • Procurement Inspection of all engg: Mechanical/ Electrical.
  • Expediting & Progress Reporting
  • Design Verification & Drawing Approval - This service is offered for Power and distribution transformers, pressure vessels and material handling equipments such as Cranes, Fork Lifts etc.
  • NDT Service in RT, UT, MPT, PT  & Evaluation.
  • Audits/ Surveys of Plants, Projects, Natural Gas and Distribution Networks
  • Project site supervision & inspection for Erection & Commissioning, etc.
  • Inspection & supervision of Heavy Steel Structure, Transmission Towers, etc during Fabrication & Erection.
  • Inspection of Explosives.
  • Supervision of packing, marking, stuffing, loading and unloading.
  • Witnessing of type tests.
  • Deputation of experts for overseas inspection and supervision work.
  • Stage-wise and final inspection of
    • Power and distribution transformers, sub-station equipments, HV & LV switch gear and control panels.
    • Material handling equipments like all EOT cranes, Conveyors, Gear Boxes etc.
    • Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Boiler Equipments etc.

Hydrocarbons Service Sector

Today’s Oil & Gas Sector is continuously evolving with the ever-increasing demand due to voracious consumption patterns. The global crude oil production is characteristically on the decline. Hardly any confidence is being generated considering the conservative figures reflected on the existing deposits front. Keeping this in mind and the surging demand, the existing reserves need to be utilized prudently and with utmost safety.

We at QSS provide a wide range of inspection services provided to ascertain Quality, and safety to reduce risks across the various stages of supply and demand across the Oil & Gas sector through a team of highly trained technical experts.

Our scopes have included:

  • Inspection Services for Cross Country Oil & Gas Pipeline & City Gas Distribution set up.
  • Inspection during project construction/ Shut down for Petrochemical Industry, Refineries and Fertilizer Plants.
  • Stage wise inspection during Fabrication of Tank, Pressure Vessel, Reactor, Heat Exchange, etc.
  • Technical Safety audit of Cross Country Hydrocarbon Pipeline & its utilities.
  • Technical Safety audit of City Gas distribution network including CNG stations -Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Consumers of Natural Gas.

Laboratories Service Sector

QSS laboratories offer the much-needed independent and impartial assistance to your business in the form of most reliable and accurate analytical results with a rapid turn around. Our laboratories undertake product evaluation to ascertain the product conformity to the specifications and standards as required by the local and international norms across the various stages such as exploration, prospecting, processing and delivery through shipment.

We offer a range of testing services through a team of appropriately and highly experienced professionals who are adept with time-tested classical analysis and the modern instrumental methods.

All our laboratories are governed by the QSS quality system based as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005.The main laboratories testing  Minerals & Ores are approved and accredited by NABL and EIC.

Metals, Minerals, Ores & Chemicals Service Sector

QSS provides a wide range of services to the Metals, Minerals, Ores and Chemicals sectors.

We offer Inspection, Supervision, Sampling, Testing services as required for

  • Minerals, Ores & Concentrates (Iron Ore – Lumps & Pellets, Manganese Ore, Chrome Ores, etc.)
  • Energy Minerals (Coal, Coke, Met Coke, etc.)
  • Industrial Minerals (Bentonite, Gypsum, Salt, Soda Ash, Talc, Zeolite, etc)
  • Raw materials for Cement, Steel & Fertilizer Industries
  • Raw and finished Fertilizers
  • Building Stones (Granite, Limestone, Marble, Sandstone, Slate, etc.)
  • Steel & Scrap Metal
  • Chemicals

Our regular scopes include:

  • Supervision of sampling at mine heads and delivery ends.
  • Onsite quality testing laboratories.
  • Load port / Disport Quality & Quantity Inspection & Supervision
  • Quantity (Weight & Numbers) determination, verification and assessments such as Draught Survey (Initial, Intermediate & Final), Tally.
  • Stuffing & Loading Supervision.
  • Inspection of cleanliness and load worthiness of vessel hatch/hold containers, as applicable.
  • Transportable Moisture Limit (TML) Assessments.
  • Inspection of packaging type and condition, checking marking & labelling, damage to units, stowage, etc. Visual survey for units at point of loading to match purchase order specifications.
  • Supervision for standardization / bagging / packing - Loss assessment of bulk / bagged material during handling, transit and transportation.
  • Sampling and sample preparation across various stages of transport and storage.
  • Laboratory Testing, Analysis and Certification for various quality parameters.
  • Stock verification for periodic inventory checks – out turn reports.
  • Provision of Photographic Evidence across various stages as required.
Over the last few years QSS has emerged as one of the leading independent third party surveyors in the mineral sector both locally and internationally.