Oils & Fats Service Sector

Considered as one of the most essential and sensitive commodities in present day trade scenario, Oils & Fats requires special attention when Quality is a requisite. The significant global rise in consumption of Oils & Fats in various forms of dietary and industrial applications has become an indicator of a country’s growth. High quality production requires high quality procurement, process and supply control. QSS provides a range of Inspection, Supervision, Sampling and Testing services.

Our Scope includes:

  • Pre Discharge Inspection of cleanliness, load worthiness and emptiness for vessel tanks, shore tanks, railway wagons, tank lorries and flexi tank containers.
  • Pre Discharge Inspection of cleanliness of connected lines and shorelines.
  • Ullaging / sounding of ship’s tanks - determining the quantity on board on arrival prior discharge.
  • Loading and Discharge Supervision for vessels, rakes, flexi tank containers and tank lorries.
  • Systematic Sampling of Liquid Cargo.
  • Gauging of shore tanks before and after receipt of the product and to determine the final net receipt quantity from the vessel.
  • Laboratory Testing and Certification for various parameters.
  • Sealing of shore tanks, outlets, manholes and tank lids of tank lorries.
  • Delivery Supervision from installations.
  • Assessment of daily opening/closing stock.

We have provided combinations of above services across the country for a variety of Oils & Fats such as Crude Palm Oil (CPO), Crude Degummed Soyabean Oil (CDSBO), Canola Oil, Crude Sunflower Oil (CSFO), Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO), Rapeseed Oil, Refined Palm Olien, RBD Palm Oil, Refined Soyabean Oil (RSBO), Kacchi Ghani Mustard Oil (KGMO), Crude Palm Stearin (CPS), Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD), Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Linseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Safflower Oil, etc.