Our Services

Inspections and Verification

of Quality Goods/products at all stages or at any Stage of goods handling and transaction-to proactively minimize risks

Source Verification

to ascertain capability and capacity verification of suppliers vis-a-vis buyer requirements and preparations of techno-commercial reports

Laboratory Testing and Quality Assessment

of goods/products to confirm quality parameters as required by International regulations nad testing standards by our laboratories that are complying with ISO/IES 17025 standards


to corroborate complaince with standards and regulations through reviews of available data on their products and systems in place suggesting corrective measures through our core team of certified expert auditors.


in a range of programs such as Performance Implrovement through Total Quality Management(TQM)","Profit Enhancement through Quality Cost Management" and "ISO 9000:Quality Management Systems" to name a few. Also offered are related trainings in Documentation, Internal Audits and Statistical Techniques

Problem Solving

 through tailor made solutions/services related to quality management during procurement,processing production,handling storage,transportation and shipping of bulk commodities and other products

Warehousing & Plant Management

 services to identify,reduce and eliminate risk along the supply chain as early as possible.


 for various products, systems and processes to provide you with a competitive edge in the market.


 of experts for overseas jobs