Consumer Goods

QSS offers a range of services across 2 broad categories of Consumer Goods namely,

  • Consumer Non Durables – Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Soft Goods

Our Consumer Non Durables team has the expertise to provide quality and quantity services for Edible Items (perishable items such as frozen fruits & vegetables, meat, sea food & processed food items) and Watera thereby offering our clients supreme efficiency with procurement, production & distribution resulting in reduced risks across the supply and delivery chain, improved quality of produce and process, customer satisfaction and retained customer loyalty.

Food Services:

Inspection & Verification Services across the supply chain through

  • Initial Product Check (IPC)
  • Visual Inspection of produce for parameters like freshness,discolouration of product, green colouration, infestation, etc.
  • During Production Check (DUPRO)
  • Verification of Assembly.
  • Identification/Checking of markings during process.
  • Evaluation and verification of packaging and labelling process.
  • Random Weight Checks of frozen products.
  • Final Random Inspection (FRI)
  • Visual detailed final check of randomly selected produce against required quality and quantity parameters.
  • Loading Supervision
  • Inspection of empty containers for cleanliness.
  • Checking of Temperature for refrigerated and frozen products.
  • Checking of visual quality and quantity of produce.
  • Stuffing Supervision – packaging and labelling.
  • Sealing of Containers.
  • Provision of Photographic Evidence across various stages as required.

Our QMS team also provides Auditing & Certification Services catering to Food Safety through FSMS – ISO 22000 and Quality Management Systems through ISO 9000.

Water Services:

No other substance is more essential a component of life other than Water. It covers nearly 70% of this planet. It is a powerful solvent, carrier of dissolved salts, nutrients, minerals and trace elements. Water Quality is most commonly assessed for its potable nature - safety for human consumption and contact, its effect on the environment and its nature/purpose of use.

At QSS we provide Sampling and a range of Laboratory Testing Services that help you to accurately determine the physical & chemical parameters of Water thereby ascertaining any contamination and ultimately demonstrating compliance with the various regulatory authority requirements for use.

Our Testing capabilities include:

  • Aggregate Organic Analysis for parameters such BOD, COD, Dissolved Oxygen, Oil & Grease.
  • Inorganic Non-metallic Constituents Analysis such as Chloride, Fluoride, Nitrates such as NO2 & NO3, pH, Phosphate, Residual Chlorine, Silica as SiO2, Sulphate as SO4 and Sulphide.
  • Metal Analysis for elements such as Boron, Calcium, Carbonates such as HCO3, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium.
  • Analysis of Physical and Aggregate properties such as Acidity, Alkalinity, Bicarbonates as HCO3, Colour, Conductivity, M-Alkalinity as CaCO3, Odour, P - Alkalinity as CaCO3, Suspended Solids, Total Dissolved Solids, Total Hardness and Turbidity.

Soft Goods

Textiles; Leather goods and goods made from other soft materials like fur, flexible plastics, vinyl; Latex Surgical and Examination Gloves; Fibre (natural & manmade), Yarn, Fabrics; Made-ups (handkerchiefs to Bed-sheets); Jute and Plastics; Rubber; Paper products and Handicrafts.

Services include:

  • Initial Production Check (IPC)
  • First products inspection as per buyer’s specification and type sample. Deviations, if any, brought out for correction.
  • During Production Check (DUPRO)
  • Verification of whether initial discrepancies have been rectified and ensuring average quality standard of the production.
  • Final Random Inspection (FRI)
  • Final Random Inspection done at the point when total consignment offered is duly packed and ready for shipment. Detailed visual inspection of the samples selected at random carried out as per the specifications and instructions from the clients to cover: consignment offered is duly packed and ready for shipment.Detailed visual inspection of the samples selected at random carried out as per the specifications and instructions from the clients to cover:
    • Design/Style
    • Accessories
    • Appearance
    • Markings
    • Colour
    • Labeling
    • Material
    • Assortment
    • Workmanship
    • Measurements
    • Quality of Printing
    • Finishing (sewing and ironing)
    • Packing and marking
  • Photographic coverage at all stages
  • Status Reporting
  • Monitoring the execution of purchase order closely and providing status reports to client informing the production progress relative to the delivery terms.
  • Supervision of Container Stuffing / Loading
  • Ensuring that only the inspected goods are being stuffed without getting mixed up with un-inspected goods, and goods are stowed properly
  • Factory / Vendor Assessment
  • Help with verification of the capability of a manufacturer, to meet contract conditions for quality, quantity and delivery.